Compagnie basée à Montréal, Cirquantique auto- produit depuis 2012, des événements culturels immersifs; explorant les arts classiques des cabarets antiques tout en incorporant le cirque et le théâtre burlesque. Cirquantique a notamment présenté ses productions au Bain Mathieu, au Rialto, à l’Astral, au festival de Jazz et, en région à la Saguenéenne.

Come be blown away by big biceps and beautiful busts!

Immerse yourself in the mystery and decadence of The Roaring Twenties through the eyes of five strong, sensual characters.

Take a seat and let the matron of the house welcome you into her bustling brothel. She will tease all of your senses with a peak into the lives of her lovely ladies; each one uniquely enticing. Follow their journeys while they expose their quirks and qualities: bookishly coy, androgynous and strong, festive and free, vainly flirty.

With an all-female team, this show celebrates all kinds of love as it explores themes of inclusion and feminism. BANG!BANG! mixes erotic choreographies and skillful technique to create a powerful and moving performance.

Each artists takes to the air, telling their stories on the aerial silks, rope, trapeze, and straps. Bang! Bang! is open, curious, sensual and original.

NB: This show is for mature audience.

TOUR 2018

November 14-17 | CINARS, Montreal, CA
June 15 | Bain Mathieu, Montreal, CA
Marché International de Cirque Comptemporain
June 5 | Bankhead theater, Livermore, US
May 31, June 1-2 | SFIAF, San Francisco, US
May 26 | Théâtre Lac brome, Knowlton, CA

Artistes / Artists 

Daïna Michaud – Tissu aérien
Delphine Cézard – Corde lisse et sangles aériennes 
Mélodie Couture – Hula hoop
Priscilla Dellazizzo– Trapèze danse et contorsion
Sara Deull– Sangles aériennes


Mélodie Couture

Hélène Dimanche